Sara Morrison

Hi, I’m Sara!

I’m a mom, a runner, and Chief of Staff at Praxis.

Racehorse Camp

It all started with a quote. You can’t make a racehorse out of a donkey. But you can make a fast donkey. Coach Jim Perkins Inspired by this quote, rising high school junior Jake Smith started a tradition known as Donkey Camp – a few days of camping at Unicoi State Park with lots ofContinue reading “Racehorse Camp”

Thoughts on evermore

I like it. It doesn’t have the “I love the new sound” shock factor that folklore had since they sound so similar, but it’s a good continuation of that sound. willow The start of the album immediately sounds like folklore. Predicting it now: we’re going to see “I come back stronger than a 90s trend.”Continue reading “Thoughts on evermore”

Prediction Results!

Congratulations to Lucas for predicting the men’s winner and 4th place finisher as well as only being 8 seconds off of the women’s winning time. His win is especially impressive when you consider he had Amy Cragg in his women’s top 5 (who announced this week she wouldn’t be competing). Sarah N was a closeContinue reading “Prediction Results!”


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