Life Lately: February 2023


Caleb is very into holidays now and enjoyed swapping cards with his friends for “Valentimes Day” this week. And of course he loved getting candy.

He is so grown up, especially when there’s a baby to compare him to. Last weekend he pulled his hamper into the laundry room and started throwing his clothes in the washer.


  • Doing things by himself
  • Trucks and cars
  • Apples & Donuts
  • Making pizza (eating pepperonis)
  • Horseplay / Dinosaur play
  • Kicking the ball outside
  • Daniel
  • Reading stories at night
  • Talking about what we’re going to do tomorrow


  • Being asked if he has to use the bathroom
  • Vegetables
  • The end of his bedtime routine


I can’t believe he’s nearly 6 months old! Daniel continues to be the chillest dude around, even though he’s been almost constantly sick since he started daycare.

As much as he and Caleb love each other, life would be a lot less stressful if I could put him in a protective bubble from his chaotic brother.


  • Milk
  • Spitting up milk
  • Wiggling (we don’t call him Wiggle Man Dan for nothing)
  • Rolling onto his tummy
  • Crinkle books, rattles, & a plastic Slinky
  • Splashing in the bath
  • Caleb
  • Anyone who will give him attention


  • Snot suckers
  • Eye ointment
  • Purees
  • Not being carried around and included in everything


I miss running the way you miss an old friend. It’s hard to find the time, and when I do have time, it’s not like I have the fitness to take advantage of it. But I know having small children is a short season of life, and it won’t be like this forever.

Caleb has been my indoor track and field watching buddy. There’s usually coverage from 4-6pm on Saturdays which works out perfectly for him to get up from his nap, grab a Picky Bar for a snack, and sit on the couch with me to watch some races. He can usually pay attention for 30-45 minutes before wanting to do something else and is always excited to hear the bell lap.

I’m almost done with Good for a Girl but the announcement that Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas are getting divorced really put a damper on my reading. I had just gotten to the part where she met him and knew he was her future husband, and I felt so sad to continue reading their story after that.

I have mixed feelings on the book. I really like the inside information into contracts for professional runners, especially for women. And I know Fleshman’s goal is to shine a light on the harm of disordered eating in female athletes, but sometimes it felt like she presented it in a resentful way, as if the athlete was cheating, like how others talk about super shoes. That’s kind of insensitive, right?

Anyway, I should finish this weekend and then will probably go back to fiction for a while.