Recap of my Second Pregnancy

In typical second child fashion, this kid gets a blog post 6+ weeks after he’s already born when I blogged weekly during my pregnancy for his brother. Oh well!

The biggest difference in the first versus the second pregnancy is that it is impossible to compare your childfree life to your life with a child. They aren’t even in the same universe.

And because of that, some things for Daniel’s pregnancy felt much harder.

Nausea feels worse when you have a toddler who wants to run and play rather than lay on the couch, and breast sensitivity is more noticeable when your toddler uses you as a jungle gym. I also don’t recommend being in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy during an Atlanta summer.

But there were some things that were much better!

The biggest thing was I didn’t have debilitating SI pain this go-round. I even ran up until 33 weeks! Peachtree was my main motivation to keep running / run-walking, and I even ran-walked it 4 minutes faster than with Caleb even though I was 8 weeks more pregnant. Granted, I lost all motivation to exercise after that, but I was still impressed with myself!

I also didn’t get high blood pressure near the end this time, so there was no added stress in worrying about induction, and I was Group B Strep negative, so I wouldn’t have to be on IV antibiotics during labor.

And some things were very much the same, and I was very much ready to be done being pregnant at the end. I think that’s universal, though.

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