I’m Sara – a runner, wife, cat lover, type A gal. I grew up loving school and wanted to be the best at whatever I was studying whether that was accelerated reader points in elementary school or calculus in high school.

I come from a family of runners, and cross country was a no-brainer for me when I started middle school. My competitive attitude also translates into sports which led to me joining the track team over the soccer team in high school when someone pointedly asked “Do you want to go to State in track, or do you want to play JV soccer?”

Cross country introduced to me to Berry College which is where both of my high school coaches competed. Thanks to some clutch scholarships, I was able to attend where I spent 4 years running and studying Economics. Running at Berry provided me with the best friends I’ve ever had, and my love for running continues as I’m still chasing some goals. I stayed busy during my college summers working at Strong Rock Camp, where the work was both incredibly rewarding and exhausting. I have strong opinions on the value of being a camp counselor which you can read here.

My plan for most of college was to get my PhD in Economics and become a professor, but thanks to a less than perfect math section score on the GRE and the extreme amount of burnout I felt at the beginning of my senior year, that plan quickly lost its appeal. A week before I graduated, I landed a job at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) running their high school seminars. I got to hang out with high school students, nerd out to economics, and I wasn’t teaching in a classroom! It was a great fit for me.

I spent nearly 5 years at FEE with my role and direct supervisor changing a number of times. Each summer was a flurry of travel to all of the seminars and forming a “family” with the summer interns as we spent an inordinate amount of time together in various rental minivans.

Then I joined Praxis at the end of 2016 (read my one year anniversary post here) and embarked on actually building something rather than replicating or slightly tweaking an already existing model. With Praxis I’ve learned so much more about the functionality of Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, WordPress and more (mostly thanks to Google). And I’m surrounded by “exhaustingly inspiring” participants and alumni each day, not to mention the future participants I spend a few hours each week interviewing for entry into the program. It’s a grand adventure, and I’m excited to see where each day takes me.