Saturday Olympic Trials Predictions

Women’s 10,000

  1. Sara Hall
  2. Elise Cranny
  3. Emily Infeld
  4. Karissa Schweizer
  5. Emily Sisson

Picking predictions for this race is on par with the difficulty of trying to pick the Marathon team back in February 2020 (where I got all 3 wrong) – probably because so many of the women who didn’t make the Marathon team are trying to make the team in the 10,000.

Look, I really want Sara Hall to make an Olympic team. She’s accomplished so much, especially later in her career, and I just think it’s her time to check this one off the list.

Then I have a trio of Bowerman Babes with some personal bias toward Emily Infeld since I like her so much (she’s also an Olympian, so it’s not like this is that biased).

And I round out my top 5 with Emily Sisson who a lot of people thought had a good chance of making the Marathon team.

It’s going to be hot and humid, so I don’t expect the race (at least not the first half) to be fast. It should be an exciting finish for sure!

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