Thursday Olympic Trials Predictions

Women’s 3000 Steeple

  1. Emma Coburn
  2. Courtney Frerichs
  3. Leah Falland
  4. Mel Lawrence
  5. Grayson Murphy

When Colleen Quigley announced she wasn’t running the Olympic Trials, it became a guarantee that at we would see at least one new Olympian this year. Coburn, Frerichs, and Quigley have dominated the event for so long, that I wasn’t quite sure who to pick for the third team spot!

Ultimately I went with Leah Falland who looked extremely comfortable running away from the field to chase Coburn in the prelims. She also has the Olympic Standard and the 3rd fastest PR in the race.

I’m a big fan of Mel Lawrence who has been running well, and I’d love to see her make the team, too! She also has the Olympic Standard.

Grayson Murphy closed hard to get the Olympic Standard in the prelims, so she rounds out my top 5 picks.

Of course, anything can happen in the steeple! Here’s to hoping everyone stays on their feet.

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