Sunday Olympic Trials Predictions

Women’s 400H

  1. Sydney McLaughlin
  2. Dalilah Muhammad
  3. Shamier Little

The US is so strong in all the hurdle events, and the 400H is no exception. Daliliah Muhammad is the world leader, but I’m pulling for McLaughlin to take the win tonight.

Women’s 800

  1. Athing Mu
  2. Ajee Wilson
  3. Kate Grace
  4. Allie Wilson
  5. Chanelle Price

Besides Athing and Ajee, this team is really hard to pick! Athing has looked so calm in the rounds, and there’s no one who can match her kick with a sub-50 400 PR.

Ajee Wilson and Kate Grace are Olympic veterans and have looked good in the tactics of the rounds as well.

Allie Wilson (go, Atlanta Track Club!) and Chanelle Price have both been the ones to take out the race in the rounds, so it will be interesting to see what they do in the final.

Overall, this is a stacked event, and the US will send a strong team regardless of who makes it.

Men’s 1500

  1. Matthew Centrowitz
  2. Yared Nuguse
  3. Craig Engels
  4. Cole Hocker
  5. Josh Thompson

I’m just not going to bet against the reigning Olympic gold medalist, ok? Plus Centro has been looking in complete control in the rounds, complete with a smile at Cole Hocker in the finish of the semis.

I’ve been a fan of Nuguse since he soloed the Olympic Standard during NCAA prelims, and I think he’s going to have a good showing today.

Craig Engels, the media darling, is due for redemption and his first Olympic berth. Plus, I’d just really rather the top 3 have the Olympic standard, so we don’t have to go to World Rankings to know who makes the team. It’s confusing and not casual fan friendly.

Looking forward to the final night of action!

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