25 Weeks

Baby Size

Baby Mo is the size of a cauliflower at 13-13.5 inches long and about a pound and a half. I also read that my uterus is currently the size of a soccer ball which seems gigantic!


Josh and I took a long weekend trip to the beach! Even though I didn’t enjoy the heat and humidity, I definitely took advantage of floating in the pool as well as digging a hole in the sand for my belly, so I could lay on my stomach. If only they made mattresses with sand pits, so I could sleep on my stomach again…

My sacrum/SI issues continue to improve, so I can go for actual walks now! I walked up to an hour at the beach, and then this Monday I walked 4.5 miles. Running is still very uncomfortable, so it’s looking like Peachtree will be a long (very long) walk for me. I definitely have some FOMO about not being able to run as well as some general worries about the experience of walking a 10k (seriously, so long to go walk), but it’s the 50th anniversary of Peachtree and will be my 11th one, and I want to be there.

Everything seems to be going well with the baby’s health as well! I had my glucose test today, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone says. People say the glucose drink is disgusting, but I thought it tasted just like Sprite, maybe a tad sweeter. Baby had a strong heartbeat at 136, and he was quite the wiggle worm after I drank the glucose drink which is fun.


I have a decent amount of back pain / discomfort not necessarily related to my sacrum/SI issue. I am just generally uncomfortable with staying in any position (whether sitting or standing or laying down) for too long. And I’m only going to get bigger!

There’s also a bit of “time is running out” panic I occasionally get since I still haven’t moved out of the office/future nursery, and we have a number of things to do on top of that. But 15 weeks is still a lot of time!

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