24 Weeks

Baby Size

Baby Mo is the size of a cantaloupe at 11.3-11.8 inches long and about 1.3 pounds.


I got to see a lot of my coworkers and Praxis participants as well as former coworkers at a conference last week. It was so fun to meet some people in person for the first time as well as catch up with old friends. A number of the speakers I used to work with are moms, so I got some good advice along the way as well!

Most of the Praxis staff

A moment that really stood out to me was when I got the chance to speak with Magatte Wade. I am a huge Magatte fan, and she squealed over my belly and dubbed herself the baby’s Auntie. To have someone who is incredibly busy doing amazing things with her life even know I was pregnant ahead of time and say she can’t wait to meet my child made me tear up on the spot.

Another moment of extreme gratitude was toward my mom! While the conference was great, there was a lot of sitting in uncomfortable chairs, and my back was a wreck at the end of every day. Mom drove all the way to Atlanta on Sunday and just rubbed my back for nearly an hour. She did a number of other PT-related things to try to help my SI-related pain, but laying on my pillow fort surrounding my belly (to be able to be on my stomach) and her rubbing my back was just so nice. And it worked! We went for almost a 20 minute walk after that (the longest I’ve walked in weeks), and I didn’t have any pain!

Even though my SI / sacrum issues haven’t fully resolved, the improvement to be able to go on walks has been great! I have impatiently tried running a few times (shocker), but the difference in force/impact is just too much right now. I’m still not giving up hope on Peachtree, though!


Really this is just some aches and pains and wishing I could run. Diaphragm pain is my newest growth pain, and I know he’ll start invading my lung and rib cage space soon enough. Oh boy!

And even if I can’t run, at least I can do every day life without pain like I was a couple of weeks ago. And there are other forms of exercise! I swam laps one day last week. It started comically bad, and I felt like my lungs had zero capacity, but it’s still an option.

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