26 Weeks

Baby Size

Baby Mo is the size of an acorn squash at 14 inches long and 1.7 to 2 pounds. For a non-produce comparison, he’s about the size of a VHS tape!


We are in the DOUBLE DIGITS until my due date! 98 days to go!

I feel better about making some nesting progress compared to last week. We finally picked a crib, and it arrived today (thank you to the Morrisons!). I think I need to officially relocate my desk to upstairs to make room for all of the assembly we need to do. I’m a little sad about leaving my office (mostly the ceiling fan), but there are a number of to-dos waiting on me to relocate as the first step, and I might as well do that now.

I also had lunch with my friend Jacque (who is a great mom!) and spent two hours picking her brain about childbirth and doulas and daycares and all sorts of topics. There are a number of advantages to being a “second mover” when having kids, and getting advice like this is near the top, followed by the trash bags of borrowed maternity clothes. 🙂

I also have progressed to a little bit of running with my walking! Running isn’t terribly comfortable, but it’s also not the excruciating pain I was having a few weeks ago. I feel much better about my Peachtree prospects now that I know I can run at least a few minutes here and there.

Oh – and I passed my glucose test so no gestational diabetes here. Which is good news because ice cream is a pretty important part of my diet right now.


Not being in constant pain makes everything else in life seem pretty good, so there’s not much here. I did have a pretty drastic “pregnancy brain” moment earlier this week where I could NOT figure out how to spell the word “succinct.” I even said it out loud, sounded it out, and couldn’t get close enough for Google’s dictionary to help me out for quite a while. It was both frustrating and amusing.

Other than that, I’m not sleeping terribly well, but it isn’t bothering me too much.

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