23 Weeks

Baby size

Baby Mo is the size of a grapefruit! He’s about 11.5 inches long and a bit over a pound in weight. From here on out he is expected to “gain weight rapidly.” Oh boy…


I got another garbage bag of maternity clothes from a friend! There are several advantages to having kids after your friends, and this is certainly one of them. All of the advice is helpful, too. I am particularly excited about all of the tank tops since it’s almost officially summer.

I built my new bookcase upstairs and have all of my books moved out of the office-will-be-nursery. I still have some organizing to do, but it felt like a good step toward moving out of the office (even though I am taking my sweet time since it’s cooler in there than the loft where I am moving).

I had some improvement with my SI pain (more below), but the best was after sitting in a reclining chair at the movies for a couple of hours this weekend, I was pain free for the walk back to the car! When you’ve been waddle-limping for over a week, you take what you can get.


My SI pain continues. Thankfully I’ve improved to the point that I can walk around the house mostly pain free (huge quality of life improvement), but I still can’t go for a walk without pain, and I certainly can’t run. I saw my physical therapist at the end of last week, and she said my hip alignment looked fine and that my sacrum was rotated, which is what is pinching my SI on the right side. That was a little discouraging because it’s a bit easier to fix a hip alignment issue with some manual adjustment and exercises. I’ve been doing the recommended stretching and exercises for the sacrum issue as well, but it appears to be a harder problem to fix. I also got a new SI belt to wear throughout the day that is a big tighter to hold everything in place.

But – it could be worse! I’m still holding out hope to be able to run Peachtree and have 3 more weeks to get back to running. Cross your fingers for me.

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