22 Weeks

Baby Size

Baby Mo is the size of a coconut! He’s about 11 inches long and weighs 15 ounces, maybe even up to a pound. It’s a little crazy to think of how much weight he’ll gain in the next 18 weeks…


I called ahead to the ultrasound office before my regular appointment last week and was able to pick up the pictures from two weeks ago! I’m excited to have them as keepsakes. There’s even one of him sucking on his fingers!

I had a good check up appointment as well. His heartbeat is still strong, and she said all of his kicks and jabs are only a good sign.

Speaking of which, I can feel him nearly every day now! My favorite is when he moves a lot until Josh comes over and then (of course) stops.


Re-aggravating my SI joint last week has been much worse than expected. Despite stretching and pool running and trying to take it easy (which I am bad at), it still hurts to even walk. Running is out of the question, and I missed out on Global Running Day today. I’m trying to be patient, but I’m in a pretty bad mood at the end of every day since anything other than sitting/laying on the couch is painful. :/

Thanks for reading! As a reminder, I’m participating in a 10-week fundraising effort for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and there are only 3 DAYS LEFT! Every donation works toward a cure. Donate HERE.

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