Renovations Day 11

Last day! It started early with a fridge delivery, so our appliances are now complete. The painters showed up as Josh was leaving and told him they would finish around 3pm today. Their office was closed, and everyone is eager to be off for Easter weekend. We can’t move any more of our stuff until they finish, so an early day works for me.

Josh also bought a shop vac and took care of packing up more stuff around the house and disconnecting the washer and dryer and then went back to the house to meet the painters when they finished this afternoon. I needed to work until about 4, so it was very helpful to have him take care of everything ahead of time.

When Josh got back home we loaded up his car with the vacuums and headed back to the house.

I love the paint job. There are too many spots on the carpet for my taste, the painters broke my broom, and everything in the house is now covered in drywall dust, but at least it all isn’t red and green and yellow anymore. I love the dining room the most. Once we get change that light fixture, it will be a beautiful room.

Josh and I got started on cleaning after that. He used the shop vac on the upstairs bedroom that was completed sanded (and a HUGE mess), and I vacuumed all the carpet. Those triangles were so satisfying to see.

The carpet upstairs is much thicker, so I thought that was the reason the vacuum was such a pain to push. Then the bag exploded. It spewed drywall dust everywhere and wouldn’t turn off even though I was frantically tapping the power button. I had to run over to the wall and pull the plug to get it to stop.

The worst part was that I almost brought extra vacuum bags but forgot until we were in the car. I knew the bag wasn’t that old or full, so I didn’t think it would be a problem. Surprise! I didn’t want to add more stuff to the massively dirty floors so I went to Publix (no dice) and Ace Hardware (winner!) to buy more bags. Turns out replacing the bag wasn’t the issue, and the vacuum is just broken. It semi-worked enough to finish up the upstairs, but it’s time for a new one. Another thing to spend money on!

We spent the rest of the evening finishing up some packing and talking through a plan for tomorrow. Honestly the inevitability of the move has made me much calmer than I’ve been for the rest of the week. It’s happening tomorrow no matter what!


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  1. Pam says:

    The walls look great! Sorry about your vacuum!


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