Renovations Day 10

I didn’t go to the house until after 3pm today, and I sat in the driveway once I got there because I was nervous about going inside. I managed to not think about the painters and what was happening at the house for most of the day but now it was time to see the result.

I was a little surprised when I walked in. The grey we picked for the walls turned out very blue. It looks fine, but I was hoping for a bigger distinction between the grey walls in the main spaces and the blue we picked for the bedrooms. They currently look almost identical. If I hadn’t seen the tag on the paint bucket, I would have thought they were using the wrong color on the main walls. A Google search confirmed that a lot of people pick a grey color and it ends up looking blue. Something about reflections and undertones.

I unpacked another kitchen crate and got to work on cleaning the 2 guest bathrooms. We wanted to hired a professional to come clean, but now that the painters won’t be done until Friday, we’ll have to clean ourselves.

The fire alarm went off while I was cleaning the downstairs bathroom. We don’t have alarm set up yet, but I managed to turn the louder sound off. The smoke detector kept beeping for about 5 minutes before it went off as well. Finally some peace. Then the doorbell rang.

The fire department showed up! It’s good to know that they arrive so quickly, but this particular instance was embarrassing. I told the firemen that I didn’t know the alarm called them and it was likely the sander/dust that set off the alarm. They were friendly, so it wasn’t too bad.

I went upstairs to clean the guest bathroom and found it covered in dyrwall dust. The adjoined bedroom has textured walls, so they were taking a heavy-duty sander to them to prep them for painting. Unfortunately the sliding door that leads to the bathroom doesn’t fully close, so there was a pile of dust in the doorway and dust all over bathroom. There was no point in cleaning it, and the master bathroom is completely tarped over for painting, so I called it a day and went home.

Josh stopped by the house on the way home from work and gave me a call asking if I wanted the good news or bad news. Of course I wanted the bad news first. Turns out the painters used our BRAND NEW WET VACUUM to suck up the drywall dust from the upstairs bedroom. That vacuum is not meant for dust, and I can’t believe a painting crew doesn’t have their own shop vac.

Oh – the good news was that they were completely finished sanding the upstairs bedroom. Whoopee.

Josh brought the wet vac home, and we took it apart to clean it. I used our regular vacuum to try to suck out all the dust from the system. I know I’ve used this reference already, but I’ve never felt more like Danny Tanner than when using one vacuum to clean another. Thankfully it isn’t broken. It ran it a couple of times, but it is now spitting out significantly less dust, so that’s a good sign.

Tomorrow is the last day! We get our refrigerator delivered in the morning, the painters should finish, and we’ll hopefully get the place clean enough to move in. Oh – and I guess we will finish packing, too.

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  1. Aunt Jan says:

    We, too, learned about the blueness of gray (which sounds like a lovely sad poem or a Broadway play). Our 3 season porch and living room are painted the same color, from the same can but appear to be totally different colors. We’re living with it but were definitely surprised! Happy moving! Love the blog!!


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