Moving Day

Moving day is upon us! I started my morning off early by going to a 5k with the plan of being home by 9:30 am since the movers were set to arrive between 10 and 11 am. I left Norcross at 8:45 – plenty of time to run by the bank to get some cash and to Chick-fil-A for some breakfast since the move would take place during lunchtime. I noticed I had a missed call just before 8:30 and assumed it was the movers confirming their arrival window. I thought it was weird they called so early, but I was confident they knew the correct arrival window since I had to request a change to 10-11am due to the morning race.

Then Josh called just after 9 to let me know the movers arrived – 45 minutes early! Thank goodness Josh was home and had already taken apart our bed and gotten some of the last-minute stuff packed.

I rushed home (no time for Chick-fil-A), and the movers were already hard at work! My first priority was to make sure Josh had corralled Venus since she tends to hide in the recliner, and I didn’t want her to end up on the truck. We found her under the recliner and then chased her around our room and bathroom before finally catching her and shutting her in the bathroom. She’s a trixie little kitty and escaped the bathroom by sticking her paw under the door and rattling it open, so we had to put her in her carrier until the movers were done.

The movers made quick work of the downstairs, and the whole truck was loaded in just over 2 hours. Considering all of the furniture wrapping and strategic packing of the truck, it went by quickly. Then we released Venus to chill at the old house and set off for our new house!

I can’t believe how quickly the movers unloaded the truck! Josh and I helped a little, but we mostly told them which rooms items went in as they came off the truck. It only took about an hour to unload the truck, so we were all done in 3.5 hours. I highly recommend Atlanta Furniture Taxi to anyone looking for movers! Their price per hour for 3 movers is comparable or better than other companies that only use 2 movers.

After the movers left, it was time for LUNCH. I was well past hungry and into hanger zone, so we went straight to Heirloom BBQ where I devoured a cup of banana pudding while waiting on the rest of our to go order.

These are my crazy hanger eyes

After lunch we got to work on our bedroom to make sure we would have somewhere to sleep before we got too tired. Setting up the bed was relatively easy, so I got to work on our closet while Josh took the shop vac to the guest bedroom which is still quite dusty. We spent a few more hours cleaning and unpacking before heading back to the old house to pick up a few things we left behind as well as Venus. She was passed out in her cube when we got back, so I would say the move didn’t traumatize her too much.

Back at the new house we finished up the kitchen and our makeshift pantry. The previous owner turned the pantry into a wine cellar, so disassembling that and turning it back into a pantry is a future project.

Overall this was a very successful and limited stress moving day. It’s already beginning to feel like home!

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