Renovations Day 4

Happy Friday! The plumbers came to finish up the drywall today, and they were still there when I arrived at 6pm. They should finish up tomorrow, which gets us closer to being back on the original schedule.

Josh and I met at the house after work for a “cabinet cleaning party” as I liked to call it. We used a mix of water, ammonia, white vinegar, and baking soda instead of bleach, and it worked like a charm. Even the cabinets I cleaned with Clorox wipes yesterday turned completely white again. Plus with Josh and I both working and listening to the Freakonomics podcast, it was much more entertaining and enjoyable than last time.

We ended the night by wiping down all of the counters and swiffering the floor. The tile is also filthy, so I mopped it twice and called it a day. Josh wants to rent a steam cleaner to go over the floors this weekend, which sounds exciting. 🙂

The kitchen is officially clean enough for us to move stuff in tomorrow!

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