Renovations Day 3

Not much to say about today, but sometimes a break from everything happening is nice.

The rain and storms continued into late last night, so the air was still too wet for the plumbers to replace our drywall. I got my day off from the house since I had an interview scheduled for 8pm tonight, so I wouldn’t be able to work out, make dinner, do the interview, and get anything substantial done at the house.

I did get our carpet installation scheduled. We had to move the painters to Tuesday since the drywall might not get done until Monday and that worked out nicely since Monday was the only pre-move date available for installation. Now I just have to trust that the painters are professionals and will take care of our new carpet. Also – I’d rather have new carpet with a few paint spots on it than 11-year-old carpet filled with who knows what.

Josh stopped by Home Depot and our house after work and came home stressed and overwhelmed, similar to how I felt last night. We’re both going after work tomorrow night to finish cleaning the cabinets together. My hope is that being there together will make the cleaning more fun!

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