Monday Olympic Trials Predictions

Women’s 1500

  1. Elle Purrier St. Pierre
  2. Jenny Simpson
  3. Nikki Hiltz
  4. Cory McGee
  5. Shannon Osika

I think Elle is the clear winner; Jenny has the experience and isn’t someone to bet against; and after that, this is very difficult.

Nikki Hiltz looked like they were practically jogging comfortably with the semi-final heat win, so I’m going with them for the final Olympic Team spot.

I don’t think the final will be a sit and kick situation, either. I predict sub-4 for the win and sub-4:03 to make the team.

Men’s 800

  1. Donovan Brazier
  2. Clayton Murphy
  3. Bryce Hoppel

Is anyone not picking Brazier to win?

So far the arm sleeve trend has paid off, too, so I bumped Murphy from my original 3rd pick up to 2nd. #science

Women’s 5000

  1. Karissa Schweizer
  2. Josette Norris
  3. Rachel Schneider
  4. Allie Buchalski
  5. Elise Cranny
  6. Abbey Cooper

On paper, this is Karissa’s race to lose. There is no scenario where someone takes the race out fast, and she’s in unfamiliar territory with a PR that’s ~25 seconds faster than the next fastest person in the field.

That being said, I don’t think anyone is going to take the final out at a blistering pace. It’s supposed to be 90+ degrees, and 8 of the women in the field already have the Olympic standard. My prediction is that the leaders don’t start ratcheting down the pace until the final mile.

Josette Norris is a relatively new name to me, but anyone who has been paying attention over the last few months isn’t counting her out.

Then I think Rachel Schneider’s miler kick earns her the final spot on the team.

Like the 1500, this is also a tough call since there are way more than 3 people I’m rooting for. Can’t wait to watch!

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