The Last 3 Days: from the Perspective of Venus


It’s been 2 weeks since I started blogging, and I’ve hit a rut. Nothing came to mind for what to write about tonight, so I asked Josh for suggestions. He gave a few ideas I wasn’t thrilled about, and then said to write about the move from Venus’s perspective. I love Venus more than almost anything (crazy cat lady here), so here we go.


I was lounging about the house like a typical Caturday when the doorbell rang. I hate the doorbell! I always growl at whoever might be at the door before running upstairs to hide. In the lining of the recliner is my best hiding spot because it’s the hardest for mom and dad to get to me.

There were strange men walking around the house and making lots of noise. It was terrifying, even from the safety of the recliner. Then, all of a sudden, my hiding place was exposed! Mom and dad tried to catch me, but I hissed ferociously and ran away. I’m so much faster than them. I hid behind the tall boxes in the bedroom, but they followed me in there and trapped me. Dad carried me into the bathroom where mom had already moved all of my stuff. I clung to his shirt with my claws, but he still put me down and locked me in the bathroom.

I hate being trapped anywhere, especially if it’s not somewhere I choose to be. I’m smart, though. I know that if I reach under the door and rattle it hard enough, it will eventually open. I tried my trick, and it worked! Freedom! I escaped the bathroom and stayed hidden in the bedroom…until mom found me again. This time she shut me in my cage. I hate the cage! It’s the worst.

I was stuck in the cage for what felt like forever while there was a lot of banging and scary noises going on outside. Eventually the noises stopped, and mom came to let me out. When she opened the cage door, I just stayed inside. That’ll show her. I come out when I want.

Then mom and dad left, so I could have the house to myself in peace. I sauntered out of my cage, had a snack from my food bowl, and then decided to take my sock monkey toy out for a stroll. I exited the bathroom and immediately noticed all of my hiding places were gone. Mom and dad’s room was completely empty! Except for my napping cube…thank goodness that was still there. I was exhausted from being traumatized all morning, so I curled up for a long nap.

I awoke much later to hear mom and dad back home. Mom gave me some chin scratches, but then she and dad started making a ton of noise and moving things from the closet, so I retreated to my cage. I know I said I hate the cage, but it seemed like the best option at this time. Sh 5 minutes later when it was time to go. Mom tried to put me in the cage again, and I resisted as hard as I could! She got the better of me…this time.

Next up was a car ride. I hate car rides. You might be under the impression I hate lots of things…because it’s true. I do.

Then mom opened the cage in some strange place! I swished my tail and sniffed around some, terrified, but then found a familiar landmark. The bed! I darted under it.

I explored the upstairs a little bit, but I saved most of my activity for nighttime when mom and dad were in their bed. I jumped on all the furniture and meowed a lot. Hey – just trying to get to know my new home.



When mom and dad finally got up, I decided it was time for me to take a nap. I’m pretty tired from being up all night. I did migrate to the upstairs to spend most of the day sleeping under the recliner. Mom found me and made me get up once or twice, but I slept most of the day. Like I said – I’m tired from being up all night.

Once mom and dad went to sleep again, I had so much energy! I jumped on and off the bed so many times. Mom was so rude, though. I snuggled up next to her and was making biscuits on her arm, and she had the audacity to push me away! I hissed at her to give her a warning before exiting the bed by walking across her pillow.



Mom stayed home all day today! I love it when it’s just mom and me at home. I rub against her legs while she’s working and get chin scratches whenever I want. The room mom spends her day in has two windows now instead of one but no windowsills! I can put my paws up on the ledge to see outside, but there’s no room for me to sit. This will not do. My grandma did buy me a window perch one time, but I refused to sit on it because I thought it was too scary. I can be pretty irrational sometimes.

I didn’t nap as much today since I am more comfortable in the new house and have been exploring more. I need 18-20 hours of sleep a day, so I guess I will sleep at the same time as mom and dad tonight. I’m sure they will miss my jumping on and off the bed, though.


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