Renovations Day 8

The painters came today! I’ve been most excited about seeing the colors updated in the house. Today was just the walkthrough and prep, so there’s no big change yet.

The setup was actually a little stressful. First, when Josh called the office yesterday to confirm what time they would start in the morning, they couldn’t seem to find us on their schedule. The office operates separately from the crews, so there was a lot of back and forth and waiting on hold before Josh got the arrival window of 9-11am.

The crew showed up just before 9, and I did the walkthrough with the crew leader. We discussed some changes to our estimate – decided to keep the textured walls in the upstairs bath and wanted to add some closet touchups. Josh communicated this ahead of time, but the crew leader seemed surprised. This plus some communication difficulties made the walkthrough a bit less smooth than planned, but I think it will be ok.

I met a chimney company while the painters started their prep. I forgot where the chimney was and walked them to the wrong side of the house, so that was a great start to the meeting. Josh didn’t let me know what he expected the quote to be for fixing the chimney cap, so I didn’t know what the guy gave me after checking out the chimney was 4 times higher than expected. Needless to say, we will be getting more quotes.

Josh stopped by after work to check on the painters’ progress. Everything looks prepped and ready to go, so hopefully all of the walls can get their first coat tomorrow!

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