Renovations Day 6

Today was a major cleaning day. Since the tile and grout cleaner rental from Home Depot didn’t work last night, we decided to just buy a floor cleaner. Renting the machine was $70/day, so buying a wet/dry vac for $160 didn’t seem like a bad deal.

My new best friend

While Josh patched holes in the gutters outside, I spent 3 HOURS cleaning the floors. For anyone who thinks I should stop channeling my inner Danny Tanner and being such a neat freak, I present exhibit A.

This came out of the floor!

I had to refill the solution tank and empty the dirty tank 2 times to cover the entire tiled section of the house (most of the first floor plus a bathroom upstairs), which took about 2 hours. I decided to take the swiffer to the dining room to see if the pad would still be dirty, and it was, so I went over most of the floors a second time. Round two only took an hour and one tank. Progress!

Josh also got the incredibly rewarding task of going to Comcast to get our new equipment and internet set up in our house. While he didn’t have to wait long at the store (unusual), we weren’t able to get internet at the house today (shocker). Josh helped me clean the laundry room and bathroom cabinets while he was waiting on hold on and off. They weren’t able to figure out why our service wouldn’t work today, so a technician has to come out later in the week. Typical Comcast, but at least we get to keep the hardware we already have unlike with AT&T.

5 hours well spent. Carpet tomorrow, paint after that, and lots of packing this week.

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