Ireland Part 5: Travel to Dublin

Before leaving Killarney I did another exploratory run which led me into a trail where I took a side path down to the edge of yet another lake. There’s something extra beautiful about being right at the edge of an expanse of water.

Then we cooked breakfast, did the dished, and got packed up for the long drive to Dublin. Killarney to Dublin was a bit under 4 hours, so it was the longest drive of the trip. The highlights of the trip were:

  1. There was a super cute cat outside the gas station where we stopped for a bathroom break. Josh insisted that I not touch it, though.
  2. We stopped for lunch at The Cosy Kitchen in Roscrea (which was a little hard to find because one of the entrances is in the back of a SuperValu grocery store) and Josh ate lasagna again.
  3. There’s a Dublin Tunnel that is a toll – €3 except during peak times when it is €10!

We got to our AirBnb and unloaded and enjoyed a little time before heading to the airport to return the car. The listing is described as “budget” and it certainly would be if you were having 4-6 people as it says it can hold. The main bedroom has a bed and then a loft built over it to hold another bed. So much room for activities!

Heading back to the airport, I was just using my phone for directions, and it took us through the tunnel again. Lucky for us, it was peak hours, so we got to pay €10! Poor planning on our part.

After returning the rental car, we planned to take a cab back to the AirBnb since trying to figure out the bus schedule seemed a bit complicated. But the cab line was soooo long! I pulled up Apple maps and was easily able to figure out which bus to take that would drop us off about a mile from the AirBnb, so then we headed off to find the bus instead.

On the bus we managed to miss our stop (it was the first one, and we didn’t hit the stop button, just assuming the driver would stop at every stop), so our walk home was about 1.6 miles instead of 1. We even got to walk through part of the protest downtown, so that was exciting.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. We walked to the store to buy groceries for dinner and breakfasts and then spent the rest of the night planning out details for the next 2 days since we had reliable wifi for the first time.

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