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Valentine’s Day 2018: My Glimpse into Modern Dating

Valentine’s Day 2018: My Glimpse into Modern Dating

First, let me start with my story. I met my husband working at a Christian summer camp when we were 19. We dated long distance for a little over 4 years before getting married at 23. I never experienced the whole “go to a bar […]

Cooper Elliot Stocks, 2 Week Photos

Cooper Elliot Stocks, 2 Week Photos

My best friend had a baby! Here are some of my favorite shots of the day. Can’t leave out the “Cooper Bloopers” either!

T’was the Night Before Christmas

T’was the Night Before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas, and all throughout Workplace

Every participant was posting at a furious pace.

Daily Blog Posts was booming, each submission full of wit,

Sharing wisdom and tips, hoping for a massive traffic hit.

Today I Learned, blowing up just as much

With people sharing about bitcoin and diet and such.

All Participants and Alumni, the lobby if you will

Holds photo of Praxis Swag & Christmas traditions. This group is never still.

Then from my Slack window, there was the notification knocking

(When you work remotely, this is our form of talking)

Over to Slack I turned my attention

To see what message had my name mentioned.

The #random thread had messages streaming in

Typical team shenanigans, maybe influenced by holiday gin.

I watched as the story continued to unfold

A new take on Santa and his reindeer, breaking the mold.

For Santa, the clear choice was our fearless leader.

The competition Isaac faced for claiming the spot was meager.

The team were the reindeer, making this company fly

First up is TK, what a swell guy.

He listens to Christmas music all through the year

Only having people to share it with when the holiday draws near.

Then there’s Cameron, our resident grump.

Don’t let him fool you, he’s usually only acting down in the dump.

You can find Derek writing content at the speed of light,

And if you want to defend Bitcoin, he’s down for the fight.

Chuck is our resident expert on almost anything you can think:

Websites, books, cocktails, or how to make a sausage link.

Ryan is from Canada, which is apparently still a country.

He’s a World Wanderer, going on adventures, at times including bungee.

Laurie is a customer service and Instagram pro.

She also writes killer blog posts that make you say “Woah!”

Brian is our Joseph, an interpreter of dreams.

The amount of paper needed to write his life story would be reams upon reams.

Hannah is a creative: writing and photographing her life.

Her works saves participants and staff countless strife.

I am happiest when playing with data.

Even though Salesforce and Excel have many a hater.

That is our team, the best the land,

And I challenge you to find a group anywhere that is as grand.

Add in our participants and alumni, and the competition becomes sparse.

And to think the program was initially thought to be a farce!

I am thankful for this group, during the season of all things merry and bright.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


I Love Musicals

I Love Musicals

I’ve always loved musicals. I’m not sure if it’s that every Disney movie has a singalong soundtrack, so I was indoctrinated early or what, but I’m always up for a movie or play where people burst into song as if it’s a normal part of […]

What I Learned about Languages

What I Learned about Languages

I’ve noticed that this 12-day blogging challenge is far easier than the 30-day challenge I did in April and not just because of the length. I can remember running out of ideas 5 or 6 days in during that challenge, and so far for this […]

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the first day of winter, which is my least favorite season of the year. Technically, today is my least favorite day of the year because the season change marks the shortest day in terms of daylight hours. But there’s something about it being the shortest that gives me hope.

Quick recap on how seasons work: The earth rotates around the sun (the big yellow one is the sun), and the earth is on a tilted axis. The day that the north pole is the furthest from the sun is the winter solstice, and the day that the north pole is closest to the sun is the summer solstice (for the northern hemisphere). There are 2 days where the tilt is neither away from or toward the sun, and those are the equinoxes for summer and fall.


Winter is my least favorite because in addition to being cold, gray, and everything dying, there are also barely any daylight hours. If you commute to your job, you likely drive to work while it’s still dark and drive home after the sun has already set. You spend all of your daylight hours indoors and might need to take a vitamin D supplement. No sunshine is also a cause of seasonal affective disorder. Overall, winter is kind of the pits.

The reason the winter solstice gives me hope is because it’s the shortest day of the year, so every day for the next 6 months is just a little longer. Typically in December we haven’t gotten extreme winter temperatures or weather (with the exception of the random foot of snow the south got 2 weeks ago), so I haven’t really started to suffer or hate winter yet. I hang on to the hope that every day the sun rises a minute or two earlier and sets a minute or two later for when I need it in the bleakness of January or the inevitable rain of February. Each day the sun rises just a bit higher as the north pole tilts its way closer to the sun.

So today is a day to celebrate because tomorrow will have a bit more daylight, and so will the day after that and the day after that…all the way until summer.

Passive Voice Makes You Sound Slimy

Passive Voice Makes You Sound Slimy

Whenever I read something written in passive voice, it makes me think of politicians. “Mistakes were made” is the most political thing to say, and it’s a common example for explaining passive voice. What is passive voice? It’s when you hide the subject of the […]

Thoughts I have while Sick

Thoughts I have while Sick

There are certainly always times where our rational self argues with our irrational self, but this occurs the most often with me when I’m sick. Since it’s such a rarity, I consider it a major inconvenience. Having to take time out of your day to […]

Podcast Recommendations

Podcast Recommendations

I am a late mover to most technologies, and this year is when I fully jumped on the podcast train. Here are some of my favorites, by category.

Professional Development

Office Hours – I don’t care if it’s cheesy to plug the podcast from the company you work for because Office Hours is often pure gold. Isaac and TK take submitted questions as well as riff off of situations they encounter with young professionals, and it’s often unfiltered. One time, Isaac’s initial response to a question was, “What is WRONG with you?”

Masters of Scale – Isaac recommended this podcast to the Praxis staff, and it has been fascinating. If you’re interested in how companies like Google and Facebook grew to current size without imploding or how serial CEOs know when to start a new company, check out this podcast.

How I Built This­ with Guy Raz – Similar to Masters of Scale, this podcast interviews founders of various companies. Some of my favorites have been Stonyfield Yogurt, Rent the Runway, and Buzzfeed. Nearly all of these founders had the odds against them in some way, and it’s inspiring to hear how they overcame them.

Forward Tilt – Yes, I’m plugging another Praxis podcast, but these episodes are little gems and under 10 minutes each, so they’re easy to take a listen.

Intellectually Engaging

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – This is a fun game show style show where contestants compete to tell the most interesting, useful, and true fact based on the night’s theme. The show has gone through a few different versions (used to have a panel of judges, now sometimes the host invites one other guest to be the judge and that’s it), but it has always been very entertaining.

Freakonomics Radio – Economics is everywhere, bro! Since I’m an econ nerd, I like to occasionally listen to this podcast as well. Some of my favorite episodes talk about lying, the war on sugar, the demonization of gluten, and when helping hurts.


From being in the car with my husband, I’ve listened to quite a few soccer podcast episodes. My two favorite shows are:

Total Soccer Show – This is the intellectual soccer podcast. They provide in-depth technical breakdowns of matches as well as report on current events in major soccer news. They also have a less serious episode where each host fields a full team based on Parks and Rec characters.

Dirty Tackle– This is the inappropriate NSFW version of analyzing world soccer. They sing their own opening song and have a segment called “True, are ya?” where one of the hosts either reads a fact or makes something up, and the other two have to guess. It’s hilarious.

Pure Entertainment

The Shipping Room Podcast – This podcast is about TV relationships which might sound shallow but I am not ashamed because I really enjoy this show. A friend introduced me a little over a year ago when they did an analysis show of the Gilmore Girls revival. I literally banged on the table a few times in agreement when listening to that episode. I sporadically listened over the next few months before getting hooked this summer. It’s been a fun to have a shared experience with the hosts and other listeners as they discuss famous OTPs (one true pairings), BroTPs (best friend pairings), and NOTPs (people who don’t belong together). [Note: the show is currently on hiatus as one of the hosts just had a baby. You can still listen to the last 2+ years of content, though!]

Good Christian Fun – One of the hosts of this podcast came from Gilmore Guys, which is how I heard about this new show. GFC analyzes Christian pop culture without proselytizing or harshly judging (most of the time) it. Since I grew up very conservative Christian, it’s fun to listen to them talk about things that were normal in my childhood (VeggieTales, Relient K, the Left Behind books/movie) but might not be to the general public. It definitely is borderline (and sometimes definitely is) sacrilegious, so listen with care if you’re easily offended.


If you have holiday travel coming up, I just supplied you with endless hours of entertainment. Enjoy!



Real Life Doesn’t Always Have Closure

Real Life Doesn’t Always Have Closure

A friend told me about the Up and Vanished podcast recently, so I binged it this weekend. Between errands, gift wrapping, and cleaning, I had plenty of time to listen to all 24 episodes, many of which are only half an hour. Now that the […]